Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things that happen when you lose weight

Okay, so maybe some of these things only happen to those of us that have a boat load of weight to lose, but here are some things that I've looked forward to, some that have surprised me, and some that are just plain fun.

  1. I noticed that I can sit closer to the steering wheel of the car because my belly isn't in the way any more.  *This was a surprise.  One day I realized that it was taking a lot of 'effort' to reach the clutch, so I moved myself closer.*
  2. My wedding rings are pretty loose now.  More so than when we got married.
  3. With a shrinking body, comes new clothes sizes.  It's such a wonderful feeling to go from plus size to the regular women's size.
  4. Things of the intimate nature *with your significant other* becomes better.
  5. You get hit on in the store *I'm still not so sure about this.  Hubby still swears that I was getting hit on.*
  6. You have more energy to do things that would otherwise wear you out.
  7. You become a little less self conscious about your appearance.
  8. Compliments never get old.
  9. My shoes fit better.  I even had to buy a new pair of dress shoes because my old ones were just falling off.
  10. Your skin tone improves and you end up looking younger.  Have I told you that I have gotten mistaken for a teenager by a friend *she saw me in the parking lot* and a college student at a Red Lobster?  Yeah...that made me feel good!
  11. My hair isn't falling out as much as it was. 
Hmm...I think that's about it.   Do you have things that change after you've lost weight that I haven't included in my list?  What is one thing that you can look forward to when you've lost 10, 20 or even 50 pounds?

Before I leave off, I am going to tell you all that today was a very good food and exercise day.  I did day 2 of Slim in 6 and...I. Am. Sore.  I hope that means that my lower half of my body will get toned up!  Since I'm going by the schedule they gave me, I went right into the "Ramp it Up!"  Whew!  I get to do it all again tomorrow.  Yippee!

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  1. Somehow there is more of me to go around to my family. I guess that's a part of the energy :)

    I have room to breathe :)