Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I'm still plugging away on my 500 miles *if you haven't noticed by my ticker on the right*.  I did decide to try something because, well...just because.  My husband has always said that if I start running that I'll just love it.  Gag.   Riiiiiight.  Let me also say that I hated running when I was in school.  In soccer, we did sprints and sprint drills *everyone running around the very large soccer field in a neat little row...last person in row sprints to the front and so on.*  Yeah, no.  Volleyball...more running, but the 'field' was smaller.  Ask my coach.  Terrible.  I think I might have even been a pretty whiny player when it was in regards to running.  Dive on the floor to dig a ball?  Okay!

So, now I get to what the title of this post is all about.  I've had so many friends pick up running and have done or are doing the couch-to-5k program (C25K-get it?)  After doing some wogging and jogging *for about 3 minutes...going down hill*, I thought that just maybe, I might be able to give this a whirl.  So, I printed off the schedule and figured I'd start on Monday, the 20th. 

Week 1, day 1 is a 5 minute warm up walk and then intervals of 60 seconds jogging/running followed by 90 seconds of walking...repeat for 20 minutes.  Then there is another 5 minutes for cool down.  I dropped the girls off at the bus stop.  I started out, watching my timer on my HRM (heart rate monitor) for the intervals *what a pain in the rump!*  After making it nearly half way through, my hip cried out *yes, it really did.*  This is the same hip that the chiropractor has been working on diligently since July.  Bummer.  I didn't give up and pushed through.  I made it half way and looped back.  I'm just finishing another jogging interval and...BARK! BARK! BARK!  *low throaty growl* BARK! BARK! BARK!  The dog came at me and came up from behind *it was large and it looked like a golden retriever*.  After it nipped at the back of my leg, I yelled *at 7:40a.m.* BACK OFF *the dog stopped...still barked* and I continued...I DON'T KNOW WHOSE DOG THIS IS...  No one came out to get the dog or call to it.  I was rattled.  I still needed to make it the rest of the way home.  I got home and called the police department and the animal control officer was out sick!  I still told the officer on the other end of the phone the entire story because, by golly, I wanted them to know!

On Tuesday, I took a day 'off' from C25K, but still went for a walk.  I managed to jog for 3 minutes *again* going down hill.  It's pretty easy to get a jog on when you're going down hill and you have a 2 year old in a jogger stroller *who weighs about 28 pounds* plus the weight of the stroller.

Today was week 1, day 2 of my C25K journey.  I wondered if there was an 'app' that I could add to our ipod for the C25K training.  So, I searched.  I came up with this.  It's super's free.  I like free.  One neat feature?  If you have a playlist of music *on whatever device you have that this app can be added to*, you can play it while you're walking and the 'verbal' reminders will talk over your music to let you know when the next interval begins.  It worked great.  I even just played it without headphones so that my squirt could hear it too while sitting in the stroller.  She jammed to the music and I got my work out in.  Win, win.

I do have to say that while we walked/jogged down the middle street where my 'close encounter' occurred, my 'spidy' senses were going NUTS.  I was waiting for that dog to reappear.  I *think* I heard it behind a fence this morning, but couldn't be sure since it was a privacy fence.  Argh!  I would have been even more angry if it had been out this morning since the squirt was with me today.

So, here I sit thinking about how much I'd love to finish out week 1 tomorrow.  But, I won't.  My hip is feeling much better with more stretching and a chiropractic appointment today.  I love the sweat that comes off and I love the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done.  It is truly enjoyable.  I never thought those words would cross my lips, but...there you have it.  Don't tell my husband.  He still thinks I loathe it.

All that's left now is to get a good arm band to tuck the 'touch' into.

Get out there and go...and have fun while you're at it!

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