Friday, February 10, 2012

Did you see it?

Yeah...this right over here -------------------------------------------->>.  The ticker that says how much I have left to go.  After my yucky Sunday and all of my diligence this week, I lost 2.6 pounds to bring me within 1.1 pound of my goal.  HaPpY dAnCe!!  I'm hoping that next week I'll be celebrating in a big way because I've hit goal.  Have your confetti ready to throw at your computer screen or up in the air, just in case.

Today was a great day!  I took the girls on a walk/ride.  The big girls were on their bikes and Cora in the stroller.  Our middle kiddo had worked on riding a 2-wheeler this past fall, but would often get frustrated and quit.  Our oldest gave her *middle kiddo* a little encouragement and has been doing really well at getting herself started and stopped.  Once in a while she'll wobble, but on the whole, she's great!  We were heading up part of a steep-ish hill and she got nervous.  I kept telling her she could do it, to peddle faster, and I actually jogged with her for a little ways.!  Me, the one who said she'd never do that.  It wasn't bad and I didn't die...I lived to tell the tale!  Middle kiddo made it practically the whole mile without stopping.  She's a trooper.

After walking, lunching, and putting the shortest one down for her nap, I got my 5th day of Slim in 6 done.  I also got my Fab Abs done.  If you're doing it...are you getting it done every day?  Tomorrow is my last day of the first week with Slim in 6.  I am kind of looking forward to a rest day.  I didn't get that choice when I did P90X.  If you're friends with me on FB or you are following my pins on pinterest, you've already seen what I decided to make myself for dinner.  And, can I say, they were Y-U-M-M-Y??!!  I found a recipe for Hot Apple Pie Pancakes on one of my favorite sites for sweets *ChocolateCoveredKatie*  I used Kamut flour, a nice Gala apple, Splenda, and I did leave out the fat.  They were heavenly.  Those will be on my radar again.  And no, my children did not get to partake in the deliciousness of these pancakes; they just got regular ones.

Tomorrow is...BASKET DAY!  I can't wait to see what kind of goodies are in our basket tomorrow.  My mouth is practically drooling just thinking about it.  I'll be sure to take a picture of our haul. 

Are you prepared for the weekend?  Plan!  Know ahead if you have any potential pit-falls and head them off!


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    1. I did notice your weight ticker, Congratulations! I am so proud of you, you have done an awesome job!