Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Test Of Willpower

So you don't think you have any willpower?  Well let me tell you, it's something that has to be grown.  At some point or another, you lose all sense of it completely.  Then one day, your kid hands you a cookie.  You take the cookie in your hand, you raise the cookie to your mouth, and you start to stick it *absentmindedly* into your mouth...as in it's enough in your mouth that you've had a 'taste', but you STOP!  You politely hand it back to you child and say thank you.  You also tell her that you appreciate the offer, but that you're trying to be good.

Thankfully in the above instance, it was my 11 year old and not my 4 year old, because I might not have had enough willpower to withstand those cute little blue eyes.

Or willpower may be sitting down with a classroom full of preschoolers and only eating half of the whole wheat roll that came with lunch, instead of the whole thing.  Or saying no to the pancake and eating the fruit during snack time.

Willpower may look completely different to you.  Maybe it's only taking one scoop of something when you normally take two.

Start small here friends.  I am.  I need to find it again.  I need it for me.  My waistline needs it too.

Be patient friends.  And hang in there!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still Struggling

Friends, my journey is still much like a bowl of spaghetti.  It's jumbled and messy, but...it's mine.  I had lost some at the restart of my journey, but have since gained it back.  Of course, like all circles, it has me back at the beginning.  The evil cycle is back.

  1. Find resolve.
  2. Stick to it for a couple of days.
  3. Emotional break down.
  4. Eat for comfort.
  5. Beat self up for eating to comfort.
  6. Eat some more.
  7. Weigh self.
  8. Repeat.
Somewhere in that cycle, it needs to stop.  The best place would be right after #3.  But, what can I put in after #3 that would keep me from going down that same path?

A friend of mine said, "You are protecting yourself *or trying to* from the hurt, the pain.  The weight is your way of trying to keep the hurt from affecting you."  I've never looked at it that way before, but it's so true.  If I look back over life, my weight was my way of coping.  My way of protecting myself.  And, even though I had people who loved me, I found great comfort in the extra padding that 'protected' me.

As I made it through the journey before, I wasn't doing it for myself.  I thought I was.  I was really doing it for everyone else.  I was doing it for approval, to be accepted, to be included, and dare I say it...loved, wanted, desired, and cherished by the one person I thought would freely give it to me.

So...forget all of that.  I'm throwing it in the nearest trash.  I need it for my health.  To make me happy.  No one else.  While I love all of my friends and I appreciate their support...this is for me and me alone.  Not for my children, the love in my life, or work.  While both the people I love and having work be easier are important reasons, this is for me.

I covet your support and your words of encouragement.  And, most importantly...be patient with me.  I know I will stumble from time to time, but I need to break this cycle! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

14 for '14

Well, I am officially 2 months behind.  I have made zero goals for myself this year.  Why?  I'm not really sure, but some of the reasons could be:  I didn't want to face the truth about where I am physically, I have a lot on my plate, I'm working, life is crazy, taking care of 3 children and the house, did I mention...life is crazy??

With that said...my '14 for '14

  1. Find the joy in me.
  2. Calm the crazy.
  3. Become the independent woman I know that I can be.
  4. Start running...again.  Gosh I miss it!  Who would ever have thought those words would cross my lips???
  5. Find time to do things that I enjoy.  This is hard for me because every time I have the time, something comes up that requires immediate attention.
  6. Hike more.  I have a new hiking buddy and I just bought me some hiking boots.  I'm giddy about getting out there and not worrying about my sneakers being plastered in mud or sinking into mud up to my ankles  :)
  7. Find more ways to be frugal.  I thought I was frugal before, but I need new ideas.  Things that I already do include:  homemade dishwasher soap, homemade laundry soap, bake my own bread, hang my clothes outside to dry, base my meals on sales, shop at Savers & Goodwill, uh...the list could go on, but my brain is drawing a blank.  You get the idea though.
  8. Be passionate about life.
  9. Love deeply.
  10. Encourage my girls to enjoy life to the fullest.
  11. Drop 1 clothes size.  Let's not be too zealous.
  12. Be patient with myself when things don't seem to be going the way I want them to be.
  13. Take pictures.  Lots of them.
  14. Be a good friend and encouragement to others.
Fairly good list I think.   So, I'm pretending that it's January 1st...and...I'm off!  Let's do this thing!

Starting Again

If you have never been on the journey before or if you're starting again *for the millionth time*, you know how the first few days and weeks can be.  You have to dig in deep and find that inner 'will' that can carry you on to the next day or week.

I have to say, the first day wasn't terrible.  The difference between this go at it and the last is that I am now working.  I can't say that working is anything new because I've worked and shed the pounds before.  The difference this time is that I sit down and eat lunch my kids and then sit down and have snack with them.  Mind you, I'm taking the portion size of a preschooler, but I'm still eating things that I don't typically eat at home.  For instance, a bean and cheese burrito.  Again, not an adult size and not something you'd pick up from say, Taco Bell, but...it's not something I would choose to eat on a regular basis.  And, for as balanced as they say it is, it often doesn't fit my definition of balanced.

Day 2 is going to be spent home with my baby.   Rather than chasing kids around on the playground, I'll be chasing dust bunnies.

As with all things, I need to be patient with myself.  Each day is a new day.  I need to be happy with me and find the peace that moves me from day to day.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It Happened

Ya know, there was a time when I said I'd never go back.  Well...I haven't gone all the way back, but I have gone mostly back.  And...it makes me sad.  So with that said, there have been so many things going on in my life, which I never thought would push me over the edge, but they have.

First, I started working again at the end of September, just before my birthday.  I had already started down a slippery slope of weight gain just prior to that, but it has been a whole new dynamic to life.  And things with the hubby?  Well, let's just say they've been in a downward spiral.  And well, emotionally speaking, I haven't handled it very well. And, I've talked about it before, the vicious cycle continues.

With that said, I'm attempting to hop back on the wagon.  And...I need your help.  I did it for me the last time and I need to do it for me again.  No matter what life throws at me, I need this.  To make me happy.

Hang with me friends.  I'm leaning on all of you!