Friday, January 25, 2013

Coffee or Tea?

Or neither?

As with everything else in my food journey, I've had to come to some hard realizations.  One of them being with my coffee.  I love my coffee.  The problem with my coffee is that I love a nice flavored creamer and sugar in it.  I love it to the point that I've had 3 cups in the morning and then for a 'sweet' something in the afternoon, I'll brew some decaf and have 3 more cups.  What I'm saying is that I could potentially drink an entire pot of coffee in a day...even if it isn't all regular.

So for the sake of saving myself calories/points for other more nutritional food stuffs, I decided to go strictly to tea.  Here lies a benefit to tea...less caffeine.  I also thought that I'd drink tea on the mornings when my hubby isn't home *which can be 5 days a week* and then have my coffee with him on the mornings he's home. 

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Picture this...I've gone nearly a week without coffee.  Hubby is home *yay for coffee!* so I brew it up.  I have my 'normal' 3 cups with the fixins.  What a horribly bad idea this was!  Within a half hour or so of finishing my last cup, I started in to 'the shakes.'  Then I felt nauseous and my heart felt like it was racing.  I ended up laying down on the couch for a few minutes to let it subside.  What an awful feeling that was!

My conclusion?  No more coffee.  Period.

Well...except for the occasional decaf or half caff.  I did get a half caff latte at the coffee shop this week and had no ill effects.

So now, I have this thing for flavored teas.  I haven't really become my own tea store, but it may get to that point.  My favorites right now are:  Bigelow Vanilla Chai, Bigelow Green Tea w/ Blueberry, Bigelow Constant Comment *both regular and decaf*, Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile, Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla, and Celestial Seasonings Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea.

It appears that I am partial to these two brands at the moment.  The blueberry is so smooth, you'd never know you were drinking tea!  Also, I'm drinking just two cups in the morning and I'm not adding a bunch of stuff to it either.  I may throw in another cup in the afternoon or evening, but it usually is a decaf something or other.

And, believe it or not, tea is healthier for you.  Here is one article that talks about the benefits of tea.  And here is another article that describe a few different benefits to tea *some are the same*.  I'm sure you could continue to look for articles that talk about it.  I googled 'benefits to drinking tea.'  Have at!

But Kati, I love my coffee.  I can't live without it.  I get it.  Boy, do I get it.  But, I'll give anything a go for more than a week if it means I'll be healthier for it.  If you aren't a tea drinker, then maybe this idea isn't for you.  Again, just my ramblings on a cold and rainy night...whilst I drink a cup of hot Sleepytime Vanilla tea *which is also very tasty by the way*.

If you struggle with the amount of coffee you consume in a day...maybe it's time to switch it up.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Life Saver

I had this odd thought as I was out walking today.  I passed our fire station here in town *or at least one of them* and it hit me!  The people who work at that fire station save lives, land, homes, etc.  And no, that's not what hit me.

If you have children and if they were in a life threatening situation, would you do everything in your power to save them?

If you don't have children, but you do have pets and they were in a life threatening situation, would you do everything in your power to save them?

Okay, so you don't have children or a pet, but you have a husband/wife/significant other, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle...or something of great value...that was is in a dire situation, would you do everything in your power to save them/it?

Where am I going with this?

Firefighters, paramedics, doctors, EMTs, nurses, police officers, you and me...we're all in the business of saving lives.

How is this possible you may ask?  I don't have the proper training.  Oh, but you do!

You need to be about the business of saving your own life and maybe a few others along the way.  What I mean is that you are responsible for changing your food modification, getting out and exercising moving your backside, and doing what you need to do to make you a healthier you.  If you don't change these things now, you aren't the life saver that you are meant to be.

And what is that expression they say on a flight?  If there is a loss in cabin pressure, put your mask on first and then assist others.  You need to help yourself first, get yourself healthy, and then help others.  You definitely need to reach out to others for their support in your journey, but don't lose sight of who you need to help first.


**Note:  I'm not saying that you should be selfish or self absorbed, but focus on the baby steps you need to take to make you a healthier you.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Approval Seeking

Are you the type of person who seeks approval?  What I mean is, do you look to other people (family, friends, coworkers) for their approval?  Or are you the type of person who doesn't care what other people think?  You've done your time of worrying about what others think, and now, you can say without a care, "The heck with them!"

I have often been that approval seeker.  I have been the one who looks to her husband, *sometimes* children, parents, grandparents, sister, and friends...almost in the desire for validation.  I guess...more often than not, I am the seeker.  On the flip side, I am more than willing to give encouragement, a compliment, or become the one who gives validation *because I know all to well that we need a little validity in our lives.*

For quite some time, I thought that I drove people away because of my weight.  My excessive size made me feel awkward around others.  When I was pregnant, I didn't feel like the cute pregnant girl.  I did a lot of hiding or sitting in the corner.  I felt as though I couldn't 'keep up' or share the same outlook on life.  My life never seemed to mesh with others and the approval that I sought was never found.

Now that I am my leaner self, running 3-4 times a week, fitting in other healthy activities, and eating better, I still often feel as though I drive people away.  I feel as though they think that I'm watching them, that I'm watching what they eat or what they put on their plate.  To be honest, when I'm at a 'food function', I'm more concerned about what I'm putting on my plate than what others are doing for themselves.  And if my girls are with me, I'm also wrangling them.

I'm trying to move myself toward the not worrying about what others think phase of life.

Have you ever successfully transitioned from a seeker to one who is unaffected? If you have, do you have any tips?

If you've never been a seeker, how do you keep from worrying about what others think?

And lastly, if you are a seeker like me, I feel ya.  It's a hard place to be!

One last thought, you are who you are.  You are loved no matter what.  There should be no conditions to the love that others have for you.

Just.  Be.  You.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


...or not.

There is this person in my life that I love very dearly.  A whole bunch.  And let's just say that this person wants to get healthy.  This person's doctor is holding them accountable.  As in, the doctor wants to see them again in 3 months.  That's some pretty serious accountability, no?  This person has said that they really need to do it this time.  I hear it over and over again.  They want to be in the best shape of their life by the time they hit 40.  That's just 3 years away.

Over the past couple of days, I've become very aware of the types of things this person is still eating.  And how much.  I've caught myself saying, "Hey!  Get out of that!"  Last night, I told this person that they might want to consider logging their food, as they reached for a 'before bed snack' after a hearty dinner.  I got a resounding NO!!!

It's so hard to back off and not say anything when someone you love tells you that they want to get healthy, but you feel as though they aren't watching their food intake.  And, I know that if I keep 'badgering' them, that it won't help a lick.  It's hard when we've been in this place before and it's the same cycle.  There has to be a break in the cycle someplace, right?

So what am I going to do?  I'm going to pull out a large roll of tape and use it on my mouth.  Again, I need to remember my earlier comment about the horse and the water.  On a side note, I seem to remember a time when I tried to 'help' with something else *math related* and that just made this same person frustrated.  Maybe it's a, "I don't need your help.  I got this!"

So here are some questions to ponder:

When do you give in and ask for help? 

When is enough...enough?

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Heart's Desire

I may get a little soap box-ish, so if you're afraid...walk away now.


My Monday morning study is reading a new book.  We're only 3 chapters in, but I know that it is speaking to me.  I know that the author is my voice in some ways too.  The book is called Winning the Food Fight and it's written by Steve Willis.  Again, I don't receive any money by talking about his book nor am I looking for anything in doing so.

When I started writing this blog, I felt the desire to help people, to reach people who don't necessarily live near me.  I couldn't put my finger on the full reason as to why I felt compelled to start this.  Steve says in Winning the Food Fight, "You feel a righteous indignation that is compelled by love.  You have to do something.  You may not be sure what, but by God's grace, you will act." (p. 58)

Ding, ding, ding!  That's it exactly!!

And, in case you thought I am being all 'righteous'...I'm not.  It's righteous indignation, which is:   retribution, retributive justice; anger and contempt combined with a feeling that it is one's right to feel that way; anger without guilt (according to  To me, it's more about frustration that is compelled by love.

I'm frustrated because I can't help more than I am.  I'm frustrated because I can lead a horse to water, but I can't force it to drink.

I can't proclaim that I know everything there is to know about weight loss.  I've said it before, but it is worth repeating...what works/has worked for me, won't always necessarily work for you *or someone else.*  What it comes down to is you finding what works best for you.  Do I sound a bit like a broken record?  Good!

You will never know if you can succeed, unless you try.  Again, Steve says, "...defeat in the mind usually precedes defeat in the body.  If we are going to change our diet* and exercise habits, we must first be convinced in our hearts and minds that we need to change."  Winning the Food Fight, (p. 55)

That little * by diet is my own doing.  The word diet is just wrong.  So rather than saying diet, let's say food modification or food alteration.  Really what we need to be doing is modifying how we're eating now.  Right?  Baby steps here people.  I'm not saying you need to overhaul your complete menu...just tweak it a little.

And, backing up a little to the last part of that quote.  It's what I said a couple of posts ago, your mind and heart need to be in it in order to succeed.  Truly.  There's no other way to do it.

I'm anxious to see what more I learn.  Steve says that if I have an itch to help, that I just need to keep reading.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I've Been Challenged!

It's happened!  I've been challenged!  So, if you've been a consistent reader *or somewhat consistent* then you'll know that I walked/ran 500+ miles between June and December of this past year.  A friend of mine has now challenged me to get twice that!  And, since I got 500 in 7 months, I'm going to need to step up my game.

In my usual fashion, I have updated my ticker on the side to reflect what I've gotten done.  In order to accomplish this goal, I will need to walk/run approximately 83 miles per month.  That tells me that I can't slack.  I've been pretty diligent about at least walking on my off running days.  If you see my times/mileage for my walking days, they're not nearly as pretty as my running days.  And that's okay with me.  The idea of my off days is that I'm doing a lighter workout, not as intense.  I've also gotten back into doing some strength training too.  I still need to firm up those jiggly parts.

Now for your challenge...what can you do to challenge yourself in the way of exercise?  Can you commit to getting yourself moving at least 3 days a week?  Can you walk for 20 minutes 4 days a week?  I'm not going to give you mileage, but you need to find something that will challenge you.

We are also now *basically* two weeks into the new year.  What goals are you working on?  Maybe you've picked just one goal to work on for now and that's okay.  Have you dedicated yourself to drinking more water?  Are you trying to eat smaller portions?  Reevaluate where you are at and make sure that you are able to do that one thing well before committing to another goal.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, sometimes when we try to do everything well all at the same time, we become overwhelmed.  When we become overwhelmed, we jump ship.  We derail.  Don't let that be you!

Keep at it friends.  Let each day bring you closer to your goal!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I wanted to get this out. 

There are some people who need or choose to have 'the surgery.'  What I mean by this is that they have surgery to help them lose weight.  This comes in two forms that I am familiar with...the Lap Band and gastric bypass.  The first puts a band around the stomach to essentially make your stomach smaller and keep you from eating more than is necessary.  This seems a bit less invasive.  The latter is much more drastic.  I know a couple of people who have had it done.

These gals have done this *one or the other* as a seemingly last resort.  I think it can absolutely work for those who have the right mind-set.  On the other hand, it can backfire *like any food modification program* if your emotional health isn't addressed too.  I have said time and time again that if your mind-set isn't focused and ready to take on the difficulties of a food battle, you will unfortunately sadly fail.

I'm speaking from my heart here.  I want people to know that while surgery is something I would consider a 'quick fix' for your body, it doesn't 'fix' your emotional state.  Only you can fix your emotional state.  No one else.  Not your mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, children, spouse, friend or significant other.  You.  Only you.  And at the off-chance of sounding and God.

One last plug.  We read a book in my book study called "Made to Crave" by Lysa TerKeurst.  No, I don't get any money for raving about her book, but I really enjoyed it!  It goes after your heartstrings.  And, it's funny!  I often imagine that my baby carrots are a bowl full of Cheetos, but I know Lysa thinks of them in a different way.

Pick something to work on this week...just one thing.  Drinking more water.  Getting in some exercise time.  Whatever it may be and do it.  And do it well!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's a new year!  It's 2013!!  We're now 19ish hours in and it has been a pretty great day.  Why do I say that it was a pretty great day?  I made some tasty things for us to eat for breakfast.  I made a beautiful loaf of 100% whole wheat bread *with fresh milled flour*. 

The most important thing I did today *aside from taking care of my children and keeping my house in order*?  My friend and I completed the Commitment Day 5k.  Now, we don't live anywhere near the large cities that were listed on the main page, but we decided to give it a go here.  We were hoping for a few other folks, but it was just she and I.  We ran her route about a week ago and it was a bit difficult.  Today, we ran it and it felt so great that I suggested that we keep going.  She called me a brat.  True story.  But, she suggested that we take 'another loop'.  And...we did! was awesome!  And...I sprinted at the end.!!

Our pace was slower today, but we pulled in 4.96 miles *let's just say a nice even 5*.  Of course, that included a 5 minute warm up and 4 minutes of a cool down.  There is something else that was great.  I usually take a day off in-between my runs, but I didn't want to abandon my day yesterday in part because it was my 20th day for a challenge that I was a part of.  Regardless of my two days in a row, I don't feel overly spent.  I'm not sure how my friend feels not that she's had some down time.

So here it is, the evening of the 1st and I'm feeling excited about the month...and the year.  We have two birthdays coming up this month.  One, I'm not allowing to happen *completely teasing our daughter about this.*  I've told her she's not allowed to turn double digits.  With that in mind, I am looking forward to making their cakes and celebrating their lives!

Get moving friends!  It's a new year and time to make your goals a reality!