Monday, March 4, 2013

I Fell

I'm going to be honest with you my readers.  I think this has been lurking for quite some time and while I have had some serious splurges in the past, I've never splurged so much that I couldn't 'account' for what I ate.

I fell off the wagon last night.  Once off the wagon, I got dragged along behind it and was hitting some substantial rocks that were protruding from the path.  I have prided myself in the last *almost* 2 1/2 years for staying 'on plan'.  That means: counting everything and staying within my points/calories for any given day/week.  Now, I've said to you all...count everything and move on.  I will say that I counted everything, but to remain 'on plan' I had to stay within my points/calories.  I didn't do that.  It isn't pretty, but I'm being honest here.

With that said, I promised my hubby that I would get back on the wagon this morning.  And, I have.

I think that sometimes we have past hurts...current hurts that fester.  They finally caught up with me.  Hubby and I had a chance to sit down and really talk last night.  I even had a chance to talk with hubby's best friend which was also a breath of fresh air.  I think my head has been slowly sinking below the water line to that dangerous drowning stage and talking candidly with his friend and with him, allowed my head to pop up above the water line for some much needed air.

I haven't given up.  I truly haven't.  The path was just a bit bumpy and it threw me out of the wagon.

So far today:

buckwheat groats
stevia for sweetening
pure pumpkin

On the menu for the rest of the day:
salad for lunch
fish for dinner

Purpose of all this?  To let you all know, I'm human too.  We all hit bumps in the road, but we need to get up, dust ourselves off, and get back on.  Hang in there friends!


  1. Dont be so hard on yourself, but Im glad you figured it all out!

    1. I feel like *I* need to be hard on me because no one else will. Ya know?