Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day--Be Kind To Yourself!

I *semi-recently* talked about saving yourself.  This post will piggy back that one.  Now that we're approaching Valentine's Day, I want you not to think about the chocolates that abound during this time of year *especially as we approach Easter*.  Did I mention that I saw Cadbury eggs at the grocery store when I went shopping last week?  Sheesh!  I digress.

Let's think of some things that will show that you love yourself *again...don't go thinking that I'm talking about being self-absorbed or selfish*.

Here we go...a list of things to show that you love yourself:

  1. Eating healthy food options.
  2. Eat proper food portions of said healthy food options *even healthy food can be 'abused.'*
  3. Move your buns in a fashion that will cause your heart rate to be raised in such a way that you might expend some calories.
  4. Drink plenty of water.
  5. Get plenty of rest *aka sleep*.
  6. Pamper yourself from time to time *this is more for the ladies...give yourself a pedicure or have one done; manicure; hair cut; take a hot bubble bath w/ candles lit in a safe manner; a new outfit to show off the evidence of loving yourself through #1-5.*
  7. Don't deprive yourself of a little something from time to time (ie: *a* piece of chocolate, but if it will cause you to stumble, don't try it yet)
  8. Spend some time doing something you enjoy.  Maybe you enjoy crocheting, reading a good book, crafting, or baking.  Make sure it's something you enjoy.
What are some ways that you can 'love' yourself?  *I probably could also say 'be kind to yourself.'*