Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Someone has silenced me!

Just a quick post this morning.  I'll post something new later, but I needed to say that I have been silenced!  I was sharing my posts on facebook after I had published them here.  You know...that little 'share' link at the bottom of each post?  Yeah that.  So someone apparently went next to my post in their 'feed' and clicked that it was 'spam'.  Seriously?  You couldn't just block me?  You had to block my ability to share my journey with other people? 

I have felt so good to share this with others and that others have found it to be uplifting.  Now, I feel deflated.  I'm NOT giving up though.  So don't expect me to fade off into the sunset.

I have a purpose and I feel like this is part of it!  Never give up!!  In all of your pursuits...don't give in, especially when you feel like it's something you were meant to do!


  1. Use networked blogs app on facebook it will automatically publish to facebook and twitter for you.

  2. don't give up. I love reading your blog