Saturday, January 7, 2012

Can I change... molecular structure?  Or maybe become one of those 'unbreakable' girls?  You know, the one that can handle just about anything?  I want to be the girl who instead of being overcome with grief and running to food, curls up on the couch and doesn't feel like eating.  Sadly, I am not.  And, I don't think I ever will be.

This time of year just stinks.  1) Hubby and I have two girls with birthdays 1 week apart *so there's plenty of cake flying around this house.*  2) Both of my grandfathers passed away within 12 days of each other starting 5 years ago today.  Papa G passed today and 9 days after giving birth to our second beautiful girl, my other grandfather passed.  It still stings like it was yesterday.  It's not so much about the birthdays as it is about the raw hurt.  I'm sure many people can say that their grandparents are a beautiful part of their lives, but there is simply something special about mine, especially my mom's parents.  I'm naturally closer with her parents.

So what is my first instinct?  FOOD!  Comfort stuff.  Carbs and chocolate in particular.

I'm trying to go against the grain today.  I'm blogging.  That 1) keeps my hands busy, 2) keeps my mind busy, and 3) also keeps me out of the kitchen!  The next steps will be to get my body moving and do some cleaning up around the house.  I will conquer the food blues!

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