Monday, January 9, 2012

It's ordering day!!!

Yippee!!  It's been a month since we got our last Bountiful Basket.  Oh how I've missed it!  What is Bountiful Basket?  It is a food co-op and depending on where you live, you have the ability to buy fresh produce at least once every other week.  If you're lucky, you might live somewhere where there is a site for both A and B weeks.  Alas, we are not that lucky.  In an effort to meet one of my goals for the New Year, this will be part of it.  You pay $15 for 2 baskets that will include 50% fresh fruit and 50% fresh veggies.  You also have the ability to buy organic bread, made with all organic ingredients as well as some other fantastic options.

This is what our last basket looked like when I got it home.  That night we had corn on the cob, butter potatoes, and our Hebrew National hot dogs.  Yum!  What a treat for December!  I can't wait to see what we get in our basket this week!  There was easily 4 pounds of grapes there.  I used a lot of the veggies in my lentil chili.  So basically...all of this...
...for $15. 

If you'd like to learn more about it, you can go directly to the Bountiful Baskets website.  Sadly, this isn't available in all states, but you can look to see if there is something near you.  You might even be able to search for food co-ops in your area, if there isn't a BB near you.

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  1. So sad they don't have these in PA... I'll have to keep a look out for other fun things like this in my area.