Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breaking a plateau

First, let me say that I went to the doctor's for the first time since this past March *and got weighed.*  That was the most exciting part of the visit.  Ha!  I was hoping for a "Way to go!  That's incredible!  Keep it up!"  Instead, I got nothin'.  Eh, I'll give myself a pat on the back.  I lost 66 pounds from the last time they saw me.  That would be 6.6 pounds per month.  I'll take it!  The doctor also had this little tidbit to share, "Think before you eat."  I'm working on it, especially during a particular time every month *if you know where I'm going with this one.*

I'm glad that I went to the doctor today because I have felt like I've been sitting in a bit of a plateau.  I've lost weight, but I don't consider a .3 and .4 loss consecutively to be great losses.  I always say, "A loss is a loss", but it gets old after a couple of weeks.  There have been times where I've gone a month without budging *not on this journey, but on my last go around of weight loss.*  It's not easy.  Especially when you know you've been doing everything by the book.  Weighing and measuring your food, tracking every last bite, exercising, drinking lots of water...the works!  I am in no way a doctor, but I'll share with you some things that have worked for me.

  1. Be sure you are doing all of those things.  I know being particular is probably the last thing on your mind, but if you're not being particular in the weighing/measuring of your food, your portions can start to creep up.
  2. Be sure you are drinking plenty of water.  I've been told that you should be drinking half of your body weight in water.  Crazy, right?  Right now I should be drinking 12 glasses a day!  Sheesh!
  3. Use a twist of lemon in your water.
  4. If you are stuck in a food rut, try switching things up a bit.  Sometimes our body gets used to a particular food cycle.
  5. Switch up your exercise routine.
  6. Do some high calorie days with some lower calorie days mixed in.  I have done the Wendie Plan and it helps to shake things up a bit.  You can find info on it here *Weight Watchers folks*:  Wendie Plan  For me right now, I have 31 daily P+ and my schedule would be something like this (Sun: 46-51; Mon 31; Tue 35-36; Wed 33; Thur 31; Fri 36-38 & Sat 32).
  7. Put the scale away and don't weigh yourself until your designated weigh in day.
  8. You're staying under your calorie goal, but are you sure you're eating enough?  I know on MFP that your exercise calories are added to your total amount allowed for the day.  Some people say they can't lose if they use their exercise calories/points, but some may need to at least eat some of them.
So, that's what I've got.  I'm not sure if I've helped at all or not.  The last thing you want to do is give up.  So...don't!  If you continue to plateau even after a couple of months, I'd put a call in to my doctor if I were you.  They might be able to give you some insight on an allergy or health issue that may be standing in your way.  Hang in there!  If there is no one else there for you...I am!

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