Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Magic Fridge

Do you have one of those in your house?  A magic fridge that is.  I do!

Preface to this.  I've been sitting here at the computer trying to find inspiration for tonight's chicken meal.  Bah!  I wanted to try something new, but since it is the end of our 'month' and before we've gone shopping, I'm out of a lot of things that would make a 'wow' dinner.  Moving on.

My hubby believes that our fridge is magic.  Off and on throughout the day *when he's home* he walks to the fridge and stands there with the door open.  I often ask him if he's expecting something to magically appear or if he's waiting for something to jump out at him.  He laughs and usually closes the door. 

How often do we do that?  Maybe it isn't just the fridge, but it might also be your pantry cupboard.  Do you stand in front of either one hoping that something really good is just sitting there waiting for you to eat it?  If you have children *or a husband like mine* you might have less than desirable foods in the house for snacks.  Are they snacks that you can leave alone or are they constantly calling your name *repeatedly, often, and sweetly*?  If they are snacks you can leave alone, GREAT!  If they're not, maybe you need to come up with some healthier snacks for you and your family.

If you've been following along for the last week or so, then you've probably already read this post.  I mentioned some great snacks there.

Here are some other things that could be good snacks, that I don't have very often, but have from time to time given to the girls.  Some of them are also things that I could take or leave.
  1. Crackers with peanut butter
  2. An apple with peanut butter
  3. Low calorie granola bars *you could also make your own--my girls love these*
  4. Crackers with cheese
  5. Carrots with some light ranch/dip (again a homemade thing here--although carrots are often not one of my favorite go to snack foods, the girls seem to love them!)
  6. Cottage cheese with a piece of fruit
  7. Raisins with a piece of cheese *if you're watching carbs, dried fruits can be wicked on the carb count front.*
  8. Air popped popcorn
Really, anything can be a snack as long as you use portion control and count it in whatever manner you are using, be it Weight Watchers or My Fitness Pal.  Also, break the cycle of the 'magic fridge'.  Find a snack that tickles your fancy and have that on hand so that when you open the fridge/pantry, you'll know exactly what you're reaching for, not hoping that there is something there that really isn't.

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