Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reduced fat, low fat, fat free?

In another time *and another state* I was battling the fat on another weight loss program.  That one was called LA Weightloss.  While I think some of the principals were good, I think going fat free on cheese, etc wasn't necessarily the best *or tastiest* option.  Have you ever tried fat free shredded cheese?  It's kind of bland.  There isn't much taste to it and some have even equated it to the likes of cardboard.  *By the way...what does cardboard taste like anyway??*  I think the same applies to fat free cottage cheese *unless you're using it in something.*

Some people would say that you should forget the low fat/reduced fat stuff all together and go straight for the real deal *just in a smaller amount/or plan for the full amount, count it and move on.*  I know there are some doctor's that will also suggest this.  Right now, for me, it's about how it will affect me in my journey.  My personal preference is to have reduced fat *2% shredded cheese.*  I've done the fat free and I won't go back!  I've also had other people say that the reduced fat cheese also tastes like cardboard.  Again...preference.  In a pinch *or if I'm making quiche* I'll use the full fat version.

So reduced fat, low fat, etc...what does it all really mean?  I found this bit of info on the subject matter: 

  • Low fat means 3 grams of fat or less per serving (or per 100 grams of food)
  • Reduced fat means the food product contains 50% (or less) of the fat found in the regular version
  • Less fat means 25% or less fat than the comparison food
  • Fat free means the product has less than 0.5 grams of fat per serving, with no added fat or oil
Good to know, right?  It is helpful for me.  They also talk about salty labels, sweet labels, and the dilemma between low/light *lite*/lean/reduced.  You can find this info on the Social Dieter

Make the choice that works best for you.  Food is food...provided that you're counting it and being accountable *even to yourself.*

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  1. I tried the low fat, fat free cheeses too. But I love cheese, it just wasn't the same. I'll use it in recipes, but I can't just eat it.