Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kamut Flour

So you heard me talking about Kamut flour.  When I plugged it into Weight Watchers, it is logging in much like whole wheat flour would.  That stinks!  Then I began second guessing myself as to why I spent a bit more money on flour that would 'act' much like whole wheat flour that I can buy in the store.

So, I have done a little research.  You can find great info about it on the Kamut Brand site.  It is apparently good for helping produce energy.  It is considered a "high energy wheat" and a "valuable addition to your diet."  Hmm...time will tell.  The test will be ON!  Here is more information from Montana Flour & Grains

Out of the sites that I checked out, the Versagrain was the best.  They talked about what it tastes like, has an interesting 'back' story on Kamut flour, and also has a couple of recipes!  Bonus!  I know that I can substitute the Kamut flour for wheat in whatever I bake, but I'm still curious.  I'm just about out of the last batch of low carb bread that I made.  Then I'll be giving it whirl!

If all goes well, I'll post about the differences.  I find myself kind of nerdy to be giddy about flour.

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