Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finding time to exercise

Someone asked me how I find time to exercise since I have 3 kids.  Yes, I have 3 girls, I homeschool the oldest girl with a not quite 2 year old at home, and find time to exercise.

The best time for me to exercise is when my littlest one goes down for her afternoon nap.  Most often, I try to exercise as soon as she goes down or within the hour.  I just got my Slim in 6, so I'll be doing that then.  This means that you'd have to do some kind of exercise DVD/tape.  I know this doesn't always sound thrilling, but sometimes you've got to do, what you've got to do.  And what do my older girls do?  Sometimes the oldest reads and the middle kiddo looks at her books.  Sometimes they jump on the trampoline.  Sometimes they play on their handheld game systems.  And yes, sometimes they're picking at each other something fierce.

The other option is waiting for my hubby to be home.  If I really wanted to do something else, if I tell my hubby ahead, he'd let me go to my aerobics class at the health center.  I also take my walks when he's home.  I appreciate the fact that he knows how much I need my exercise, especially on a day where things seem so crazy!  I really enjoy having time alone, so the times I get to go for a walk are definitely cherished.

But Kati, I am never alone or I never have my hubby/significant other at home or my children never nap, what do I do now?  Little ones that can't walk/ride a bike or scooter...throw them in a stroller and hit the pavement.  If the weather is yucky, then have an indoor dance party with the kids for a half an hour.  Think of it as a time when the kids can get some exercise when their momma/dad does.

As I said in my last post, I was able to use the hotel fitness center for my exercise.  While my parents have been here, it's been more of a marathon of doing school work with the oldest, shopping, making meals, etc.  There hasn't been much in the way of regular exercise.  This makes me sad, but I'll be back into a groove within the next couple of days.  I apparently don't how to balance time with my parents *whom I don't see very often* with that of exercise.

So all of that to say, you can find time to get moving, it just takes some tweaking.

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