Friday, January 13, 2012

Kamut Flour...the test!

I used up my bread *finally* and decided to try a new recipe.  It was another low carb recipe.  I don't really understand why most low carb bread recipes call for eggs.  Anyone?  Whatever.  Moving on.  I tried it and while it turned out 'okay' it wasn't wow material.  I'll eat it because I made it.  It was also most like 'regular' bread, but still just not right.

So, I decided to turn around and make another loaf of bread, but this time, just a whole wheat recipe in my breadmaker, substituting the Kamut flour for the wheat.  I used exact ingredients which is a change because I usually have to alter some things due to our altitude.  I always check the dough during the first kneeding cycle to be sure everything gets mixed together.  The dough was perfect!  I love it when things turn out nicey, nicey.  Now, I just had to wait for it to finish.



Waiting.  Three hours is a long time.

When I got ready to pull it out of the breadmaker, it was rather short *from top to bottom of the loaf*.  This leads me to believe that it is a heavier grain flour *if that even sounds right.*  I sliced the heel off *because I like that part and I just wanted a taste.*  It is y-u-m-m-y!  It does have a sweet taste to it, but not sweet like a sweet bread (banana/zucchini bread).  It is a 'light' sweet.

I think my girls might take me out for a slice of it.  I might even have to hide it.  There will be smacking of hands if anyone touches it!

My suggestions?  If you're able to get something that's just for you, this is amazing.  If you are planning to use this for the whole family, it could get a little pricey.  If you did a subscribe & save through amazon, it would be about $2/pound.  Yeah, ouch.

If this isn't for you, then I say stick to whole wheat.  I wish I could share a little taste with all of you so that you could get a true idea of what it's like.

Maybe, I could do a little 'giveaway' of one of my fresh baked goodies.  What do you all think??

***ETA:  This ends up being 2P+ for 1 slice and 5P+ for 2.  Yikes!  Also, as I was putting the recipe into the recipe builder, I noticed that I didn't put the last 2/3c of flour in.  Duh!  No wonder why the dough was so nice and a bit 'short.'  I may or may not try to add the last 2/3c in the next batch.  After putting it into MFP, it looks as though it would be 90 calories per slice.

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