Monday, January 16, 2012

Mommy on the edge!

Warning...for this is a vent on my day, but there is a reason for me posting about this.  So...hang on and bear with me.

Today has been highly stressful, highly frustrating, and in some ways disappointing.  My children have been acting like something straight out of a chaotic barn *not so much the shortest one, but the older two.*  They enjoy rough housing and then usually the middle kid gets 'hurt' and starts in to the crying.

I got all of my things ready to go shopping.  On Saturday, I had received this tremendous gift:

So hubby told me I could go today to spend it.  By the way, there was a gift card to Old Navy taped on the inside.  I am so thankful for the gift!  It was truly a blessing.  I gathered my card, with gift card attached, and my coupons as there were a few items that I wanted to pick up at the grocery store while I was there *since we have company coming in this week.*

*I know you are probably wondering where I am going with this, so bear with me.* 

I scored at WalMart *after a little looking to find the cheap snack I wanted for the girls.* 

I was giddy to get to Old Navy.  I shopped some of the clearance as I wanted to try and get as much out of my precious gift card as possible.  I even had an associate set up a fitting 'room' just for me!!  That made me feel pretty special.  I actually added things up and had a 25% off coupon if I spent over $100.  I got to the checkout and the gal rang it up...$107...woohoo....only $7 out of my pocket.  Before I go on, please do not think I am ungrateful or mad at anyone, okay?  I guess I was disappointed as when they put the gift card through, it was only for $50.  Again...$50 was more than I had before and I still came home with new clothes and I am still super excited about them, I just needed to make a decision on what things I didn't need.

This is what I did come home with:

Off then to Fry's.  Since I'm using coupons, I should have known that with such smokin' deals I'd be out of luck, but it was worth a try.  I was blown away by the fact that there was not one salad dressing in the kind I was looking for.  Again, company coming, so I opted for something else.  Off to the cookies...out.  I headed to the checkout, grabbed a Coke Zero *but SO wanted a big gooey chocolatey something or other*, got my 2 rain checks, and walked out to the car.

As I drove home, all I could think about was how ungrateful I seem.  Maybe petty? 

Upon arriving home, my hubby had cooked dinner for the girls *thank you truly is appreciated.*  I asked if there was any left and he said, "yes."  Upon further investigation, the noodles were smothered tossed in olive oil.  I apologized to him, but told him I wouldn't be able to eat it *he seemed angry and I couldn't do anything more than apologize.* 

The girls were still acting unruly and momma was fried!  Here comes the good part....all I want to do it EAT!  *I told you I'd get to the real point at hand.*

Have you ever had a day where everything just seems to burn your butt and make you mad?  And then, all you want to do is eat?  Yep...I'm there...RIGHT NOW.  Thankfully, I'm blogging and I'm getting it off my heart.  I am sad for feeling the way I do about everything.  And, if I had points leftover for the day, you bet I'd be eating something with them!  Alas, I am out of daily points *or calories* and I'm not eating another thing more *well...maybe an apple, but those are zero points*.  And water.  That's it.

I also need to think, "Am I truly hungry?  Or do I just want to eat because I've had a hard day?" 

I'm sharing this with you all because I know that many of you can relate.  I also want you to know...yeah, I struggle with that too.  Hang in there!  I'm with ya!  Have a glass of water and an apple, and call me in the morning. ;)  Also...learning these things are all a huge part of this journey.

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