Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 7

I know women were created to be hormonal and stuff, but seriously?  There's days when it totally gets old and affects every other fiber of our being.  It's one thing that I struggle with when it comes to food.  And.  It's.  A.  Bear.  In all seriousness.  Hormones make me feel more hungry than I really am and want things like a bunch of yucky processedwhitefloursugarytastythings and I really wish that I didn't.

Today had gone swimmingly well.  I made this delicious chicken salad for lunch today (carrots and celery and raisins and seasonings and ooh a bunch of tasty stuff).  I served it up on romaine and was quite the happy camper.  I took the girls into 'town' and ran our few errands before their dental appointment.  By the time we were done, I couldn't wait to get home and make our dinner.

My one big mistake?  The Coke Zero that I drank on the way home.  I think that it paired up with my hormone crazed body and decided that after our yummy dinner, I needed to have a few additional items.  So...I've counted them and I'm moving on to tomorrow.

Is it Wednesday yet?

So...I'll ask you all have a topic in mind for me to blog about?  Or do I need to search the webs for something good? 

Also...there is this particular holiday that occurs here pretty soon and it involves the stores carrying massive amounts of chocolateyevilgoodness.  How will you avoid?

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