Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 5

I definitely skipped posting yesterday.  I had a lot of moments of weakness and counted every morsel.  This is me being the best sugar addict I can be.  Yikes!  Maybe at some point I can say that I'm a recovering sugar addict, but for now, I'm a straight up, hard-core, sugar addict.  Who wouldn't love pancakes made with white flour instead of wheat?  Who wouldn't love milk chocolate over dark?  *Wait...maybe there's a select few that love those subtle differences...*  Not that I had all of that mind you, it's for illustration purposes.  The point being, there are times where I like to buck the system.  Maybe you could call me evil, bad, or some other vicious name, but I'm a redhead.  There's something kind of ingrained when you're a true redhead that makes you just a bit fiery, if you know what I'm saying.

Today has been a much better day.  Then again, I've been busy.  I printed off my checklist *again* and went to town.  Nothing says wahoo like checking stuff off your list *at least for me.*  I even hung our laundry out on the line today which is so ridiculously early for us, it's not even funny.  But, this momma is trying to not have a $100+ electric bill again next's just not in the budget.

We got our basket today which means trying something new *usually* for dinner.  Here was our basket from today:

So many fun things, so little time.  What we ended up trying tonight was the kale.  That is the green stuff between the carrots and the romaine on the right hand side.  I made kale chips. was like eating potato chips without the guilt.  I'm so there!  So tasty and so easy to make.  I will definitely be picking up kale again on our own!  We also had cucumber and banana peppers in our romaine salad tonight.  Our salad was definitely a happy one tonight.

I shared my fun new tip about regrowing the green onion with the lady picking up her basket next to mine this morning and with my friend Sarah.  I'm still using the same green onion that I bought about a month ago.  Now, I have some fresh stuff to alternate with.  And what do I mean by this?  When you get down to the white part of your green onion, throw it in a glass of water *with part of the stalk sticking out of the water* would look like this:

This is after just a couple of days being in the water.  Another friend of mine told me that she actually throws hers in a pot with soil and continues to grow hers that way.  I know that green onion isn't terribly expensive, but sheesh!  If only people knew of this little trick...

Oh and the kamut rolls were okay, but I felt like they might have been missing something.  They'd be good if you were dipping them in something, but they seem a little 'salty'...maybe too much baking soda/salt.  Who knows?  I'm not good about tweaking things like that in a recipe.  This is what they looked like:

And I have to say that our meal turned out so amazing that night *Thursday*.  I stuffed the chicken with lemon, garlic, rosemary and marjoram.  It was the best chicken I have ever roasted *if I do say so myself.*  The girls all had seconds.  That's how good it was!  Our chicken:

The full meal:

And lastly, after we'd enjoyed our dinner, some kickin stock got made as well.

I said to hubby after our meal was finished, that I was a pretty good cook when we got married, but I've gotten better over time.  He agreed *although, he didn't have much to compare me to anyway...except maybe his grandma :) *
Now that I've overloaded you on pictures, I'm off to put the oldest kiddo to bed.  It truly has been a lovely day today and I'm hoping that tomorrow is equally as nice with a little less of the cleaning stuff.

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