Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's a new year!  It's 2013!!  We're now 19ish hours in and it has been a pretty great day.  Why do I say that it was a pretty great day?  I made some tasty things for us to eat for breakfast.  I made a beautiful loaf of 100% whole wheat bread *with fresh milled flour*. 

The most important thing I did today *aside from taking care of my children and keeping my house in order*?  My friend and I completed the Commitment Day 5k.  Now, we don't live anywhere near the large cities that were listed on the main page, but we decided to give it a go here.  We were hoping for a few other folks, but it was just she and I.  We ran her route about a week ago and it was a bit difficult.  Today, we ran it and it felt so great that I suggested that we keep going.  She called me a brat.  True story.  But, she suggested that we take 'another loop'.  And...we did!  And...it was awesome!  And...I sprinted at the end.  Yep...me!!

Our pace was slower today, but we pulled in 4.96 miles *let's just say a nice even 5*.  Of course, that included a 5 minute warm up and 4 minutes of a cool down.  There is something else that was great.  I usually take a day off in-between my runs, but I didn't want to abandon my day yesterday in part because it was my 20th day for a challenge that I was a part of.  Regardless of my two days in a row, I don't feel overly spent.  I'm not sure how my friend feels not that she's had some down time.

So here it is, the evening of the 1st and I'm feeling excited about the month...and the year.  We have two birthdays coming up this month.  One, I'm not allowing to happen *completely teasing our daughter about this.*  I've told her she's not allowed to turn double digits.  With that in mind, I am looking forward to making their cakes and celebrating their lives!

Get moving friends!  It's a new year and time to make your goals a reality!

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