Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Last Review

So nearly a year ago I wrote this blog post called 12 for '12.  You can find that here.  I'm going to also list them here in a minute too.  If you're new to my blog, I came up with goals instead of resolutions because, well...I feel like we make resolutions and then they get broken.  I feel like goals are attainable, achievable, and most importantly...believable!

So, my 12 for '12 were the following *I will add in my thoughts next to them in parenthesis*:

  1. Get to my goal weight *185* or less and maintain it.  (I've fluctuated off and on throughout the last 10 months since attaining goal.  I have not gained 10 pounds or anything, but I've been up about 4 pounds.  In all, I feel pretty good about the last 10 months.  It will always be a struggle, but I know that now.)
  2. Continue to work hard by strengthening my body.  (Boy have I been doing this!  Not only have I been strengthening my body, but pushing it too.  I never thought that I'd still be running, but I am and this morning was awesome!)
  3. Try to have at least one 'date' with my hubby per month *coffee date, dinner date, something!*  (Hmm, well, we did pretty good with this until summer hit and it all went down hill thereafter.  Our last date night was in August.  However, we did sit and play a couple of games of Othello last night after the littler two went to bed.  It was a lot of fun and we plan to play Battleship together tonight!)
  4. Keep trying new recipes.  (I do this a lot naturally anyway.  We've found some new ones that we love and some that are just 'eh.'  Since it has gotten cold, I've found that I'm choosing our 'old' favorites in regards to comfort food.)
  5. Read more.  (This has waxed and waned quite a bit this year.  I'm still reading a particular book that I really need to finish.  I find myself busy doing so many other things.  Today, the girls and I went sledding!)
  6. Take time for myself *outside of exercise & my book study*.  (This has been difficult too, but I'm learning to tell my husband that I *need* time for myself.  And I truly *need* this time for myself.)
  7. Continue to blog and share my journey with others.  (I don't blog as much as I would like, but I still feel like I'm sharing my heart with others when I can and that is the important part.)
  8. Do things with the girls that require going outside and being active.  (We have done quite a bit of this in the last couple of months *especially*.  When my hubby was away, I still wanted to get my runs in so the oldest pulled the youngest in the bike trailer behind her bike, and middle kiddo road her bike.  Going sledding is another activity that we've down now 3 times with other opportunities to do so again.  We've also gone on bike rides a lot too or just for walks.)
  9. Eat fresh fruits/veggies as much as possible.  (I'm still doing quite a bit of fresh.  I would say that more than 50% of my veggie/fruit intake is fresh, but the rest is frozen.)
  10. Write more letters by hand.  (I've done fairly well with this.  I still have room for improvement on it though.  It's just so convenient to sit down and write an e-mail.)
  11. Laugh more.  (I'd say look at #8...we did a whole lot of laughing as we were coming down the hill today.  Also, playing games with hubby or kiddos...also lends to laughing.)
  12. Learn how to better express my feelings to others.  (Oh boy...this is still hard.  I'm getting better.  It's improving, but I will be adding it on for next year too).
Overall, I feel like I've done pretty well on my goals for this year.  As we get ready for 2013, I will be adding a couple of these onto my new goals list.  In some ways, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel.  I have a few more days, but will be formulating my new goals list.
What will your goals for 2013 be?  Don't give up!  Just keep on keeping on!

And if you're curious to see my other goal reviews you can see them here, and here.

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