Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gluten Free--The New Adventure in Food!

So I've been having stomach troubles for a while now.  This is in addition to other 'symptoms' that have been mysterious.  When I questioned my doctor about some of these things *including difficulty with my teeth that I'm still having problems with* and my hair falling out, her reasoning was prediabetes.  She had a blood test to 'prove' that this was the reasoning.  So...I went with it.  I focused on better carb choices and losing the rest of my weight, but even though I've lost the rest and my A1C came back normal, I'm still having difficulties.  Why?

Doctor Google to the rescue!

I looked up information on gall bladder problems.  Nope.  Not it.  Then, I looked up gluten intolerance.  Jackpot!  Now, while I know that the symptoms listed for gluten intolerance can also be part of something else, I'm not completely 100% sure this is the answer.  In that there are so many symptoms that I'm experiencing, I'm willing to go gluten free for a month to see if it will make things better for me.

I started making a valid effort on Saturday.  I googled and pinterested to my hearts content, finding recipes and information about this new adventure in food.  In all honesty, it's not completely difficult to go gluten free for me since most of what I eat is meat, veggies or fruit.  It's just the grain part that I need to alter.  I'm thankful for our new store in town called Natural Grocers.  Yeah, I'm in love with that store...and, their awesome managers that will bend over backwards to help their customers.  I've pretty much found the things that I need to make this gluten free lifestyle a reality *without spending an arm and both legs.*  It's also interesting to me to see how often I pop something in my mouth while I'm fixing food for the girls.  Example?  I'm standing and making sandwiches and a piece of the crust falls off and I pop it in my mouth.  My oops last pop tarts for the girls.  I wanted to taste it since I'd given them each some and while they were organic, they were not gluten free.  DUH!  Within two hours, I was quite uncomfortable and thankful that I was going to bed soon.

If you're interested in seeing some of the recipes I've discovered *and you're on pinterest* you can check out my food board here.  And yes, there are things on there that are not gluten free and also not very healthy.  I like food...a lot.  So, it's no secret that my 'food board' is the biggest one on my page. *hanging head in shame*  I have to say that we've tried the pumpkin bread *a huge hit*, pumpkin coffee cake *SO good!*, pizza *also a huge hit*, and waffles *also delicious*.

I'll keep you all posted as to how things go.  It's a work in progress and I know that I'll slip up without even thinking about it *like I did last night*, but I guess that's what makes me human.  Onward and upward!

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  1. Really interested to see how you are feeling after a month Kati! Try not to mess up too much I need official results :p haha