Friday, October 5, 2012

Comfort Food and Sickness

Bleh.  It's hit.  The sinus gunk that I've been desperately avoiding has invaded my head.  It makes it difficult to think or function.  As a mother of three, with two that happen to be more mischievous than the other, this can prove to be difficult.  The neti pot and I have been friends for a couple of days already because I could feel it coming on.

The hard part?  I want...comfort food!  The particular kind of comfort food happens to be carbs.  What are most carbs made of?  Some type of gluten.  It's been a hard day.

I think what will make me happy is some kind of soup.  With that in mind, I'll pull out my chicken stock that's in the freezer, pull some mixed veggies, toss in some rice, some seasonings *bay leaves, salt pepper, onion flakes*, and cook it up.  I am currently baking a loaf of gluten free corn-like bread, but the recipe didn't seem right, so I tweaked it.  We'll see how that turns out.  And, in lieu of the lack of carbalicious type food stuffs in my house, I've eaten two additional pieces of dark chocolate *more than what I normally have* and a bowl of gluten free cereal with almond milk on it *I'm back to cutting out cow's milk on my cereal again*.  I guess it could be worse, right?

The girls are due to have pancakes tonight, but I think *this* momma will be eating soup and maybe a crust of bread.

Do you ever notice that when you don't feel good, nothing seems to satisfy you?  Why is that?  Is it some subconscious thought process along the lines of, "Feed the ______ "*fill in the blank-cold, flu, sinus infection, etc*?  Maybe you also feed the: pain, sadness, stress, frustration...  You get the picture now, don't you?

So, how can you cheat without really cheating?  I say tweak what you can...count the rest.  I'd love to sit and eat pancakes until my heart's content, but that won't solve much and I know it's not as healthy as my soup *which will also help with my sinuses*.  The chocolate and cereal I had today?  Doesn't help my sinuses, but it does help to keep me from going hog wild.  And, taking the time to write down my feelings and what I've been dealing with today...also helps to stop me in my tracks.

If you're sick, use whatever brain power you might still hold on to *because believe me I'm lacking a lot right now* and make some better choices.  If you can't make soup...go buy yourself some!  Then, resume your couch warming and feel better soon!

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