Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More signs of spring!

After our two feet of snow just a few short weeks ago, the weather has begun to return to the weather that we caught a glimpse of just before the snow.  According to the weather 'man', we should be getting up to 68 on Easter which is huge.  Normally we're getting more snow or the sun is out, but the air is cold.

When I questioned my hubby about the possibility of getting a bike/bike trailer in my seductive usual way, he really wasn't sure about whether or not this would be a wise decision.  To sweeten the deal, I suggested that this would be an excellent way for this one-car family to be more car free *at least for me and the girls* this summer.  If he had to go to work early, it would be okay because we'd have the bikes!  Work late?  It's okay...we've got our bikes!  So after all of my seducing pursuading, he agreed.

I ordered both this past Thursday, picked up the bike trailer at Wally-world yesterday, and my bike arrived today.  Yes, it took me an hour to put what little bit had to be put together, together, but it was a lot of picky things.  After getting it all set up, air put in the tires of the bike trailer, getting the bike trailer attached to the bike, getting water bottles, and everyone situated, we were off!  The oldest kiddo and my shortest were with me.  The oldest road her bike and well shorty...was in the trailer.  As we worked our way into 'town', my oldest kept saying, "Mom?  Can you slow down?"  Wow!  I didn't think I was going that fast, not to mention I was pulling a nearly 30 pound short person in a bike trailer.

We picked up middle kiddo.  I squeezed carefully adjusted the seatbelts so that both of the short people could sit in the trailer together.  It was snug pleasantly cozy and they both enjoyed the ride home.  All told, I burned just shy of 300 calories for that trip.

This is what my new 'ride' and trailer look like:

My sweet little girls.

My ride and the trailer.  Oh the endless possibilities this summer!

After the shortest took her nap, we went out again.  This time, we went to the park.  On our way, the oldest asked if we would be able to ride to the pool for our swim lessons.  Umm...YES!  This second ride earned me 300 calories.  I have to say, that this has been a very fun and enjoyable day.  The only complaint that I got from either of the big girls was that I was going to fast, but with middle kiddo riding her bike the second time out, I went a lot slower.

I truly can't wait to get out and ride again tomorrow.

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