Monday, April 30, 2012

Feeling more like me!

This past week, my beloved hubby cut me loose to visit my family for a week...alone.  And when I say alone, I mean alone.  By myself.  Sans children.  Me, myself and I.  Yes, he stayed home for a week, also alone, with all 3 girls and played daddy.  No he didn't 'babysit'...he played daddy for 24/7.  I had to laugh daily at his status, "It is now noon on day X of 7 being a single dad. All three kids are still alive!"  Ha!  He did fine.

My time away was busy, but good.  We celebrated my mom's 60th birthday the day after I arrived.  That night, we took my grandmother to the ER where I insisted that they do something more for her.  Don't mess with an angry redhead!  I went to breakfast to see a dear friend of mine that morning, and she said, "Why aren't you allowing yourself to enjoy your vacation?"  *Or something along those lines.*  I would love nothing more than to let loose for a week and not care about what I eat, but unfortunately, it takes a lot for me to get back on track.  So, I just don't even entertain that thought.  I also exercised while I was home.  I took my Slim in 6 and my band with me. 

The rest of the week was filled with seeing who I could in a limited time.  I feel like I should be alone for several weeks in order to fit everyone in.  Hubby's grandma was surprised to see me.  I spent time with my mother-in-law as well.  As usual, it seemed too short.  For a brief moment, I thought about staying a bit longer to help with my grandmother since she's still in severe pain.  She goes in for an MRI on Wednesday.

While home, I had some pictures taken by a friend.  I did them in part as a celebration for getting to goal, and in part, for my sweet hubby.  You can snag a glimpse by looking at my profile picture.  You can also see my friend's work here.

After a week, I feel more like myself.  And wow!  Ten days without riding my bike and I felt like a wimp this morning.  Sheesh! 

So where are you at?  Are you staying the course, even if it's hard?

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